Writing Portfolio

Here is a list of  papers and project I’ve written on various topics for my undergrad courses. I’ve included the title (Description if none) with link and class. If you would like to use this for your own personal use, do give me credit. For any other information on the papers, I can be contacted at sja08136@gmail.com.

[ Censorship of the Internet is Ethical in Some Cases ] – Computers and Their Impact on Society (ITCS-3688)

[ On Computers and their Positive Influence in Developing Countries ] – Computers and Their Impact on Society (ITCS-3688)

[ Why technology has allowed safer military usage ] – Computers and Their Impact on Society (ITCS-3688)

[ On Google and Its Unethical Behavior ] – Computers and Their Impact on Society (ITCS-3688)

[ Of Confidentiality and Ethical Standards in the Workplace ] – Computers and Their Impact on Society (ITCS-3688)

[ Computer forensics impact on the justice system ] – Computers and Their Impact on Society (ITCS-3688)

Of Privacy in Social Networks including Mobile Devices ] – Intro to Information Security and Privacy (ITIS 3200)

[ Policy paper on the Chechen rebels in Russia ] – Democracy and Terrorism (POLS 3030)

[ On territorial disputes: why some are still contested, while others have been resolved ] – Senior Seminar (POLS 4600)

[ Research paper discussing effects of certain education production function variables on students, specifically 8th graders in Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC, USA ] – Political Science Methods (POLS 2220)

[ Research report memo determining whether age is a factor in support of the death penalty and whether being conservative is a factor in support of the death penalty ] – Political Science Methods (POLS 2220)

[ Case study research paper on persecution of Ahmadi Muslims ] – International Human Rights (POLS 3030)

[ Research hypothesis paper discussing how USA’s debt is affecting the economy, if at all ] – Public Budgeting and Finance (POLS 3010)

[ Situation report discussing HIV and Tuberculosis in South Africa ] [ References ] – African Politics (POLS 3143)

[ Paper on respect for the individual, looking at Immanuel Kant, Mohandas Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. ] [ Essay discussing women’s rights by Mary Wollstonecraft and Jean-Jacques Rousseau ] [ Essay looking at proverbs related to the Ewé people, Confucius, Plato, and Aristotle ] [ Essay concerning the philosophies of Plato, Confucius, and Aristotle ] – Intro to Political Philosophy (POLS 1170)

[ Profile story on Jim Hoppa, Associate Vice Chancellor at UNC Charlotte and the student union ] [ Speech-meeting story discussing the best and worst healthcare systems around the world including USA by members of Chi Upsilon Sigma at UNC Charlotte ] [ Poll story assessing the economy’s effect on students ] [ Interview/Q&A story interviewing Jerry Mann, Student Union senior associate director and discussing the student union ] – Intro to Journalism ( JOUR 2160)

[ Project assessing how financial worries, caused from the current state of the economy, have impacted stress of UNC Charlotte students ] – Elements of Statistics (Biology) (STAT 1221)


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