Ted talk #2

“Forget university? 4 steps to design your own education”

-Till H. Grob. TEDxKlagenfurt.

Till H. Gross recommends that you don’t just focus on your classes and grades. He says to make sure your degree is completed, but also educate yourself. Reading books is very important he emphasizes. He has four main points: 1. Develop skill, 2. Learn from the best, 3. Learning is more important than money, and 4. Hustle comes first.

Gross says to do deep work, not just reading books, but summarizing them and getting the main points. He suggests to study with your peers, and practice the skills if possible. He says to adapt the work ethic and work habits of the best. Ask them to mentor you, but bring something to the table that can benefit them. This would allow you to learn from them also. Get accustomed to “no” and expect it to be rough, but it will pay off. Till signifies real-life experience. He says it’s okay to work for free, then work your way up the ladder. He says all this effort can lead to a career that you are passionate about. 

I would say that this is definitely a good idea, in fact a terrific idea. I want to implement a similar plan to success. I’ve had many other mentors tell me to take a similar path. As college students we are told that we can’t just expect to have a job after graduating, we should have internships, gain experience, do projects, and network. The “learn from the best” is best equated to networking and finding mentors. ‘Developing skills’ can be gained from projects, etc. ‘Learning is more important than money’ can best be referring to un-paid internships. A lot of people follow the path of doing projects, getting internships, working for free, developing their skills, networking, finding mentors, then finally having success.

My idea of a good idea is something that leads to success. It is definitely proven that this way leads to success. I think this method is universal. It can, for the most part, work for all fields. There is always some skill that you must develop, always a mentor that can help you, and be put in a position where you will have to take an un-paid internship. This method works for the computer science field for example.


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