Reflective letter


To: Connie Douglas

From: Jawad Ahmed

Subject: Reflective letter

Date: May 3, 2016

Course name/section: ENGL-2116-090

Assignment: Writing portfolio


This portfolio has really helped improve my writing. I see the errors I made with writing, with spelling, grammar, tenses, format, etc. A lot of little things were the mistakes; things I know now, or had known and had forgotten. The letter of application had a lot of errors related to capitalization and format. Adjusting these errors will be especially helpful, as I will always use cover letters in my professional life.

The personal memo had a lot of errors that related to grammar, especially using a preposition to end a sentence: which is a recurring error I made in papers. Other errors I made were using slang unintentionally, using an abbreviation for a word not used before, and not writing out numbers lower than a 100. A grammar error that I had multiple times throughout my papers was using fragment sentences or having bad word choice.

In my memos and letter, a good majority of the errors came from using wrong formatting and using contractions. Using contractions was another error that I had throughout my papers all semester. I was also told to get into more specifics on a memo. I have a better understanding now of how to write a letter and memo in a professional setting.

The instructions paper had various grammar errors, but a needed change was the need to have better visuals. I used cartoon pictures of boxes, and instead should’ve used real pictures of boxes. I made the adjustment, and now the pictures depicted are more realistic and user-friendly. A person reading these instructions would be able to have a clearer idea of how to package boxes.

In my research report, the huge adjustment I had to make was that I used “I,” which is informal writing. This is helpful to know for future reference when I am writing other papers. Another mistake I made was not having the right format for articles. I used quotation marks instead of italics, which were supposed to be used. This report had various grammar mistakes. It was also seen that the paper was almost like a summary of my blogs. At the end, the works cited was also not done in the right format; it should’ve been in alphabetical order for MLA format. Other assignments in the writing portfolio include the second ted talk, objectives for technical communication, and chapter 1 exercise #1.

The papers in this class have made me see that I should pay closer attention to details and format. A lot of the grammar mistakes and format errors could’ve been seen if I had looked through my paper multiple times, with close detail. I will learn from all my mishaps and use this to improve my writing in the future. I can already say my writing has improved from the beginning of the semester to now.


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