Personal Memo

To: Connie Douglas

From: Jawad Ahmed

Subject: My Personal Memo

Date: May 3, 2016

Course name/section: ENGL-2116-090

Assignment: Personal Memo

My name is Jawad, I was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am the oldest of three. I have two younger brothers. My major is Computer Science. I would like to have a career in information technology (IT). My goals are to become successful and make enough money to provide for myself and my future family. Organizations I have been involved with include: Residence Hall Council, Muslim Students Association, College Democrats, Charlotte Green Initiative, the International Student/Scholar Office, amongst others.

My philosophy in life is to work hard, pursue my dreams, and enjoy life because it is short. My words of wisdom would be to travel the world, spend time with your family, and value all your friendships. I hope to have a satisfying career in IT in ten years, with (more than likely) a wife and children. I want to have a job after I graduate (two years), then after another two years or so, I would like to have a Masters. Then, by ten years I would like to have a stable salary with a family. My parents are very memorable in my life because they are my biggest supporters in whatever I am pursuing.

One artifact/object that represents me is a band I wear “love for all, hatred for none.” I believe that we should be good to people, forgive and forget, and not spend time hating others. The job I want is in IT. There are different fields I am interested in, so I am still figuring out which specific one to pursue. The job could be in databases, cloud, virtualization, web development, software, etc. My dream job would be working in a field that I have decided I want to pursue and I thoroughly enjoy.

Concerns I have about the future of our society is how certain technology has taken over people’s lives and jobs. Smart phones are a perfect example of this: it completely consumes people’s daily lives (Especially the younger generations). Instead of valuing face-to-face interactions with friends, family, etc. they would rather be on their phone. Another concern I have about the future of our society is artificial intelligence being more prevalent. In the not too long future, there could be a lot of human positions that are taken away, even higher-up ones that are replaced by a robot. Questions I have about my chosen profession could include day-to-day work, pay, how quickly people move up in the ranks in positions. Knowing the answers to these questions could help determine what specific career field and position I could ultimately have.


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