Objectives for Technical Communication

  1. We need the information for the date of the meeting as soon as possible.
  2. The artillery machinery will replace a flawed wood chip, piece of equipment in our department.
  3. Failure to purchase this textbook for class will have a negative impact.
  4. Weather problems in the Charlotte area resulted in damage to the computer systems.
  5. The most recent occurrences in management changes were caused by insufficient personnel.


  1. The Accounting Department must implement this procedure.
  2. Attendees derived twofold benefits from the conference.

3.The training supervisor demonstrated and explained the information in great detail.

  1. Representatives from Allied held discussion and supplied analytical equipment for automatic upgrades.
  2. The symposium on polymerization also attended.


  • We use electronics to process freight and documentation. We’re in the process of having terminals placed in the export department of some of our major customers around the country so that they may keep track of all the shipments within our system. I would like to propose a similar tracking mechanism for your company. We could handle all of your export traffic from your locations. You’ll be able to generate an export invoice. All in all, your export operations would achieve greater efficiency.
  1. Tell
  2. See
  3. Confirm
  4. Help
  5. Figure
  6. Aim
  7. Trial
  8. Hint
  9. First
  10. Soon


  1. The progress reports should be completed by the fifteenth of each month.
  2. Can you answer a few questions about your proposal.
  3. I received your e-mail requesting an increase in pay, and feel it’s not merited at this time because you’ve worked here only one month.
  4. I made an investigation of your residence twice and saw that your sump pump might result in damage to your neighbor’s adjacent property. You should take action, before you are potentially sued.
  5. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via phone.



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