Memos and Letter

To: Connie Douglas

From: Jawad Ahmed

Subject: CEO Problem Memo

Date: 3 May 2016

I am a member of the database team. After our new approved database systems got the green light, we found out that it was not compatible with the software of the development team. We then reached out to the manager and team lead, the issue was resolved

I met with the team lead and his team. We were able to quickly discover that for the database system to become compatible, the software just needed to be updated. The new database system is newer in technology, while the software has not been updated recently because of budget cuts in the department. We were able to approve costs for the software, and made a joint effort from my database team to make sure it is now compatible. A lot of the work was easily transferrable since it was the same software. There were some minor tweaks. We also tested to make sure they will work together.

The issue was resolved fairly quickly, as it was almost a routine change since software and databases are always being updated. In the future, we could implement a liaison correspondent that can relay the change, because it will be recurring. That way both teams won’t have to get together, possibly just team leads.


To: Connie Douglas

From: Jawad Ahmed

Subject: Problem Memo

Date: 3 May, 2016

I am a database analyst within the database team. I wanted to address that the software that is being used within your department is not compatible with the database system that my peers and I are currently working to build. The software being that is being used is SQL Server Express. It is not compatible with the SQL database system.

This database system has just been approved by our director, so we should make the necessary adjustments to resolve this issue. Without the right compatibility within the database system, it cannot be implemented. We do not routinely make these changes relating to databases but, this is now the most efficient one. Relay this message to your peers so we all can come to a concessive in which software to use. The adjustment shouldn’t be too difficult to resolve, it could possibly just require the software to be upgraded. I’m assuming this could be the best option. The department hasn’t updated the software for budget reasons.

The SQL Server Express is running an older version: the 2015 version. Normally, a year would not make a difference, but, the new update on the 2016 version has made a lot of significant changes. My suggestion would be to upgrade to the 2016 version of the SQL Server Express. Then, the SQL database system will be compatible. This will allow the project managers to brainstorm new projects and the managers to assign duties. Currently, the work on this system has been put on a temporary halt.

Without this change, I will not be able to communicate and make changes coming from the front-end development team and the back-end development team. Reach out to me when you have spoken to your team.


123 Main Street

Charlotte, NC 28213

Jawad Ahmed, Database Analyst, Microsoft

9527-L University Terrace Dr

Charlotte, NC 28262

2 February, 2016

Dear Mr. Ahmed:

I am reaching out to you because I have some issues that came up with the database that I’m using in Microsoft SQL. I recently took up database programming to find an easier way to manage all of my case files. I used Microsoft Excel and Access before, but found the software was not complex enough for the information I have. With Excel there was not enough storage space nor enough security features. And with Access I found enough storage, but not enough security. I wanted more security and more options, so my research lead to Microsoft SQL.

After learning the basics of SQL, I began to use it. I have vast amounts of information so I needed a very efficient way of storing it. The security features are impressive. After implementing many of my case files with added security, I found that there was not enough space to have them efficiently sorted. It was possible to store all of the cases, unlike Excel, but I could not sort them out. I feel that the issue might be that I need to use a different version of Microsoft SQL. I have seen the different features in various software, but I do not want to make any purchases until I have gotten some clarity. I will be waiting for your response.


Bill Adams


9527-L University Terrace Dr

Charlotte, NC 28262

Bill Adams, Lawyer

123 Main Street

Charlotte, NC 28213

March 3, 2016

Dear Mr. Adams:

Thank you for reaching out to me. You are right in thinking a different version of Microsoft SQL must be used. A premium version of Microsoft SQL should suffice. The version you are currently using is not meant to have organization in very large databases. Its role is more to store the data. With a premium version, you will be able to store not only as much data for your clients as you want, but it will also be properly organized into year, type of case, or whatever you meets your needs.

The premium version of the Microsoft SQL does require a yearly fee, but the features are much more complex. All your issues in data would be resolved using this version. I can personally help you in the process of buying the premium version, downloading and implementing this version.

A lot of our clients use this version, such as small businesses, individuals, nonprofits, etc. Just recently we ran into a nonprofit client that decided to switch over to this version. They used large amounts of data for their research and needed a proper way organize it, while having optimum security. Please reach out to me if you need further assistance.


Jawad Ahmed


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