These instructions will help to prepare and send a package. To efficiently use these instructions, it would be best to have all the materials ready and to follow the instructions carefully. Sometimes when people send out packages, they get lost, sent to the wrong address, the contents inside get damaged, or the package gets stolen. These instructions will put one in the best position for any sort of shortcoming to not occur. These instructions are for anyone, of any age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, nationality, etc. Anyone can send out a package, even children.

What you’ll need:

-Your content that you want to be mailed.

-A package; such as, a box that fits the content that will be mailed out. It can range from very small, to a very large, over-sized package.

-Scotch tape, to seal the package once the content is inside.

-Labels, to label the return address and the address in which the package is being sent.

-Means of transportation, (If the location to send the package is not within walking distance) to reach a USPS, UPS, or FedEx site to send out the package. If the package is small enough, it can be put in the mailbox.

-Postage stamp, if the package is small and being sent in the mailbox. Otherwise, it would be done by the worker at the store.

-Money, to pay for the shipping and handling of the package. This can range in price, depending on how fast one would want the package to be sent to the location. The price could even be zero if shipping and handling, labels, and stamps are taken care of by the receiver of the package.

-Material, to stuff the package if it isn’t fully sealed in the package on its own.

-Means of writing, to write out the address and name on the label. Alternatively have it printed out, so an available computer could work also.

-Refer to the carrier for specific guidelines for packing, if applicable.



  1. Obtain all of your materials that you will need.
  2. Place the content that you want to send, in a packaging box.


  1. If you feel the content is very delicate and fragile and isn’t properly set, then put in stuffing, such as, Styrofoam or bubble wrap. Surround the content with the bubble wrap, or if you have Styrofoam, fill it until the box is full.
  2. Once the package is filled and set, close it up and tape it together. Tape the top and bottom multiple times, up to three times would be recommended.
  3. Next, find the labels, and fill it out. Caution: make sure you double check and triple check the address that you are sending to and your own return address. Make sure your name and the receiver’s name is spelled correctly. Follow official instructions on writing addresses by checking the USPS website (Information; such as, abbreviations). Make sure your handwriting is clear, and legible.
  4. Place the label on your box, and tape it on. Again, make sure enough tape is put on it, so it won’t slip off or get ripped off. It would be preferred to put tape on the front of the label, on all corners, or even all of the sides.


  1. Another step that can be taken is to put a “fragile: handle with care” label on it. This can be printed out online using paper, or just written on the actual box.
  2. Now, your package is ready to be sent. Place any required stamps on it, and put in the mailbox. If you want it to be sent early, place it before the mailman comes that day, or drive to a USPS center.


  1. If you are sending via FedEx or UPS, go to the location. Again, make sure you go early in the day or at least within office and/or business hours to maximize time.
  2. If you were already provided with pre-paid labels, then you won’t have to pay, rather, just go to the store and make sure it is handed to a person working there. If the package contains fragile content, make sure you let the worker know.
  3. If you need to pay for shipping and handling, make sure you have figure out how much the price will be by asking the worker. You should know an estimated time that the package will be sent.
  4. Once you have paid, you can possibly keep up with the package on how it is being shipped. Ask the worker if this option is available. This could be checked on the USPS website for example, if you are shipping through them. Otherwise, it should be available for the receiver, and communication can be done through him or her.


-Make sure you are careful with your package, especially if it is heavy. Don’t over-estimate your strength. If the package is large, ask someone for help to carry it if you feel you could be injured.

-If you have a large box package, make sure you use your knees to pick it up, and not your back. Meaning, get as low as possible so the bulk of the strength comes from the knees, instead of just picking it up, which results in the strength coming from your back.

-If you see that the packing material is “hazardous,” use all caution, as it can be harmful otherwise.


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